My first story #excited.It is all about confidence and fashion.I came to an understanding that nothing can be done without confidence.Believing in myself and having Faith in my abilities without confidence means there is no success or happiness.

My biggest secret for creating happiness is believing in myself that i can and now is the time to do.When it is the time to do then i stir up my abilities by having reasonable and greater self confidence.I love fashion though i am not a fashion designer.I loathe narcissim but i approve of vanity though again as i turn a blind eye i can say the most beautiful thing  one can ever wear is confidence.Many may agree to disagree because there is a belief that you are not fully dressed without a smile.I gave  it a deeper thought that there is no smile without confidence so then a smile comes from confidence.

Personally i dress not to impress but i dress myself for comfort and for my style. Lemme say “Give me my style i care not who is impressed or not”. I think there is beauty in everything, what normal people percieve as ugly usually there is beauty in it.No matter how ugly the piece is confidence changes it to something unique.

It is not about the Label or how expensive or ugly the piece is, see that beauty in it and make your own art.After that wear Confidence and a smile and go out there and own it.#gogetthem #confidence #smile #fashion #beauty #beyourownboss #slay #lawyer #ConfidenceChangesEverything



  1. Well, you said it perfectly Royalty (what a beautiful name BTW). So true, confidence is the key. It is funny I read this post as I am working myself on a post about attitude. Thanks for visiting my blog. You are definitely the kind of blogger I like to met. Hope I will get the chance to know you better. -Dominique

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