You can not climb the ladder of success dressed in a costume of failure.Exterior expressions reflects interior preferences.It is not about what is trending but style comes from deep within.How you dress always says something about you, how you dress defines your character and your values.It is difficult to assume too much about a person based on appearance but never the less permit me to say success and self respect is affected by what you wear.

Your success begins the moment when someone looks at you and your appearance.What is it that you represent by your dressing and what is it that you value?Let your dressing speak for you before you even open your mouth.Dressing is a way of saying who we are without having to speak.Use clothes as a weapon to earn respect. I want you to earn that respect and own it.

Tips on how to dress for success

  1. Make it simple but significant
  2. Choose bright colors, colors communicates a message and contains impact on its own
  3. Suit up
  4. Embrace your shape so that you know what fits you
  5. Choose quality over quantity
  6. Take good care of your clothes
  7. Smell good 

Remember when you look your best, you perfom your best. A keen sense of style can always lead to greater opportunities and high levels of success.Your outward appearance educates others on how you want to be approached.Dress and know that you represent your own brand.Have a certain look and impact your own world.Look good and feel good.Thank you for reading and have a happy new year.#happyreturns #happyholidays #bestwishes #success #fashion #style #beyourownboss #ownit #earnit #blogmas


14 thoughts on “DRESS FOR SUCCESS”

  1. It is so refreshing to see a young person who understands the need to dress for a successful career…I wish my sons had learned that earlier. They might have done better. Great advice.

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